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Stepping Stones Study Centre
Implementation of Safety Measures – Covid 19

Dear Parents,

It is mandatory for the Centre to observe the requirements set by MOE and I seek your co-operation and understanding in complying to the measures mentioned.  

  1. Health & Travel Declaration
    1. Students who are placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence (AA) by their schools, or who are on a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Home Quarantine Order (HQO) are prohibited from attending lessons in the Centre.
    2. It is mandatory for parents to fill in a Health and Travel Declaration Form for their children
    3. It has to be duly completed and submitted before 28 June 2020 Sunday each form per child has to be submitted
    4. You can access the form here – https://forms.gle/HA19SvTRM3NZQ9d58
  2. Safe Entry
    1. The Centre will utilize Safe Entry to record entry of staff, teachers, students and visitors
    2. Students are required to bring along their mobile phones to scan the Safe Entry QR Code before they enter and leave the Centre
    3. Those without a mobile phone are required to bring along their Student Pass to get it scanned
    4. Poster of the QR Codes will be posted at the entrance and along the corridor in the Center
  3. Personal Hygiene  
    1. It is mandatory for staff, teachers and students to wear face masks at all times
    2. Students are required to bring their own face masks (no face shields are allowed for students unless under medical reasons)
    3. Bring extra face masks for precautionary measures
    4. However, teachers may wear a face shield instead of a mask only when they are teaching in a classroom setting where they largely remain at the spot from which they are speaking, and are able to maintain a safe distance (about 1m away) from the students
    5. Students are advised to wash their hands with soap the moment they enter the Centre
    6. The Centre will step up on the frequency of keeping it clean and disinfected
    7. In between classes, the desktops, chairs and doorknobs in the classrooms will be disinfected
  4. Implementation of Heath Check
    1. All staff, teachers, students and visitors will have their temperatures taken before they enter the classroom
    2. Students do not need to bring their own thermometer since temperatures will be taken via the Digital Infrared Thermometer from the Center
    3. Parents should refrain from sending their child to the Centre if he or she shows well visible symptoms of fever or respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, breathlessness, runny nose, loss of smell, cough, or sore throat
    4. Students who are caught having such symptoms would be sent home rather than allowed to attend lessons
  5. Social Distancing 
    1. Students will maintain a 1m-safe-distancing-seating-arrangement in the classroom with strictly no physical interaction among them
    2. They are to observe the appropriate floor demarcations set up and stop intermingling within the Centre.
    3. They are to avoid sitting at tables which are demarcated 
    4. Teachers are also allowed to move between groups but contact should be transient
    5. They have to wear face masks while doing so
  6.  Change in Class Timing
    1. There will be a slight change in the timing of lessons to allow adequate time for disinfecting the classroom and to ensure strict separation of individuals from different classes especially during admittance or dismissal of students
    2. Classes which are affected by the change in timing will be informed via the WhatsApp Class Chatgroup
  7. Assembly before Lesson
    1. Students have to maintain safe distancing while waiting at the void deck to await instructions to enter the Centre
    2. Students should reach the Centre 5 to 10 minutes before the lesson starts to avoid unnecessary crowding and lingering at the void deck and within the Centre
    3. For the Lower Primary students (P1 and 2), the teachers will lead them in and out of the Centre
    4. For the others, class monitors will be deployed to lead the students in when the time is due
    5. Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up children promptly to avoid them lingering in waiting areas.
    6. Parents are also advised against coming down to the Centre but make use of telecommuting whenever possible
  8. Online Lessons are ongoing for Selected Classes
    1. Mr and Mrs Wong’s online lessons remain available to those who prefer such arrangements
    2. They will conduct their lessons in a physical classroom setting in the Centre and Online (upon request) simultaneously
    3. For the rest of the classes, lessons will be conducted in the Centre only
    4. If parents prefer online lessons, send us a WhatsApp message and the Centre will look into it
  9. Rotation of students attending lessons
    1. In cases where the current enrollment exceeds 9 students, the class will be split into two groups – Group A and B 
    2. Students in these 2 groups will rotate weekly between online and class learning
    3. Affected classes will be notified via the WhatsApp Chat Group

Yours in Stepping Stones,
Augustine Wong
Principal of Stepping Stones Study Centre