Author Name: Felix Tan
Age: 12
School: Greenridge Primary School


Whenever I went hiking in the forest, memories of the terrifying incident that happened three years ago flashed across my mind like a movie.

I was hiking with a group of friends in a dense forest. Just as we pitched our tents and were about to turn in for the night, we heard a menacing oink. It was a wild boar! Blood froze in our veins.

“Run!” we shouted at the top of our voices in unison.

We scrambled to our feet and ran as fast as our legs could carry us, hoping that they would not betray us. As I was in a hurry, I only managed to grab my knapsack and a fruit knife.

Soon, I was separated from my friends. The wild boar had also mysteriously disappeared as it had appeared. I was lost, only the eerie surrounding accompanied me. Suddenly, I saw a hut in front me. I could only pray that a fruit knife and a knapsack containing food, water, a bottle of kerosene, lighter, and other essential items, could arm me from harm.

I reached the entrance and knocked thrice. The door creaked open. A thin, tall, grumpy old man greeted me.

“What do you want?” the man said in a gruffly old voice.

“I…I just want to seek a refuge from a wild boar. I…I am lost,” I stammered in fright.

Out of the blue, I heard a sonorous voice, filled with excitement, resounding around the hut.

“Hi! My name is Haven. The housekeeper’s name is Butler. Nice to meet you. I am the owner. You are…”

“Oh! I am Ivan! Nice to meet you!” I replied, in a relieved and happy tone.

The owner had a muscular body, with large arms. He had rings on his broad palm. He wore a denim jeans and T-shirt. He loomed above my head. He had a sheath, hanging by his jeans, with a samurai sword.

“Butler! Bring our guest some food!” Haven bawled his lungs out.

In no time, the food was served. There was a variety of food, including roasted duck, brandy, cheese, bread, honey-baked ham, lager, coffee, turkey and many more. I ate ravenously and after I had taken a sip of brandy, I was overcame by darkness.

When I woke up, I had a blur vision. I scrutinised the surroundings and realised I was in a dilapidated room. After feeling better, I scanned the surrounding and spotted a door. I ran towards it but to my dismay, it was locked. I was flushed with anxiousness. I was as angry as a bull. I saw red that I kicked and punched the door but it would not budge. Just as that moment, I felt something bulging from my pocket. I felt for it and it was my fruit knife. I pickled the lock. The door immediately sprang open. With the knapsack on my back, I ran at the speed of light for the exit.

Out of sudden, I saw Butler. He looked evil. He held an axe in his hand!

“So, my friend, we meet again, but for the last time!” after finishing his sentence, he attacked.

His attacks were merciless. I ducked and dodged but I was exhausted. I fished out to my fruit knife to defend myself but because Butler possessed such a great strength, in a swing of an axe, my fruit knife was shattered into pieces.

Instantaneously, I sprinted away. I had escaped my imminent death. The panic-stricken me tried to look for a weapon. Just at the last moment, I caught a glimpse of a Kris knife. I made a dive for it. I caught it and I heard swishing noise. I ducked and squatted down in the nick of time. I stabbed Butler in his stomach. It was an instant kill. Butler fell and blood oozed profusely from his wound. I thought it was all over but it had just begun.

“Ivan! Your sword skill is very good,” Haven said.

“What do you want?!” I took a step back.

“Well, it is simple. I want you to die!” Haven laughed like a maniac.

“Or vice versa!” I taunted him.

“Oh! Shut up! I don’t need your lips! Just seal it or I will seal it permanently,” Haven said.

He advanced cautiously, swinging his samurai sword dangerously. I knew that I would be killed in no time. Fortunately, I saw a bottle of kerosene and a lit candle beside it. I grabbed the bottle and doused the kerosene at him. He was drenched and almost instantaneously, I threw the lit candle at him, setting him on fire. He had become a human torch instantly. He was groaning in excruciating pain as he was on fire but I was unfazed.

I made my escape by running towards the entrance of the hut. From a distance, I could still hear his groaning but soon diminished. I continued running till I could run no more. My knees soon buckled under my weight and my consciousness faded…

When I woke up, I saw people in white. I thought I was in heaven until I saw familiar faces and that was when I realised that I was in the hospital. My friends told me that I was found lying in the bushes beside two tombstones. The deceased were Haven and Butler. I was scared out of my wits.

Till today, it was still an unsolved mystery. As for the house I went to, I named it, the house of hell…