Author Name: Yoo Yi Jie
Age: 11

Dogs are like babies. Dogs can bark nearly for any reason because we could not understand them and babies cry for the exact same reason too! No one in my family could understand Brownie’s, my dog, language and that led to the confusion on on my family last week…

My family and I were watching our favourite cartoon, Doraemon, on the television. My brother was clutching on tightly to his bad of ‘Twisties’ crackers while my sister was texting to her friend on her mobile phone. All the same, they could enjoy the cartoon at the same time.

The cartoon ended at 11pm. We were still laughing about the funny acts in the cartoon as we each made our way to our bedroom to sleep.

We were sleeping soundly when Brownie barked abruptly. It was pretty loud and soon woke my whole family up. We all made our way to the living room, where Brownie often slept.

“What happened? Why is Brownie barking so madly?” asked my mother as she gave out a loud yawn and stretched her arms.

“We are as clueless as you do,” my sister replied, yawning.

Then, Brownie barked again. We were startled and puzzled. My father suggested that Brownie was probably being playful and told us to go back to sleep. Just as we turned to go, I detected a faint smell of perfume in the air and saw something at the corner.

“Wait! Wait a minute, I know the reason why Brownie is barking so madly!” I shouted to my family.

They turned around instantaneously and stared at me. I began to explain.

“Sniff the air, did you smell something like Mum’s perfume?”

“Erm…yes…” my brother replied.

“Look, over at the corner over there,” I said and pointed to the corner of the cabinet. “Isn’t that Mum’s perfume?”

My sister ran over immediately to take a look. She picked it up and, true enough, that was Mum’s perfume!

“So, my conclusion is…” I said mysteriously and then continued, “That Mum’s perfume probably fell from the top of the cabinet,” and I pointed to it. “And when it fell to the floor, the nozzle was perhaps pushed by the impact and whizzed a whiff of the perfume out. Then, it rolled to the corner. Brownie barked probably because he is allergic to it and it irritated his nose. That’s why he barked madly.”

“Whoa! You are the second Sherlock Holmes!” my mother praised as my father patted me on my back.

I felt pleased and I smiled proudly. Then, my father shooed us all to bed. As we walked back to our bedroom, Mum gave an ear-piercing scream that reverberated in the air.

“Ah! I’d better keep all my perfume in the cabinet in case another one falls off and irritates Brownie again. Safety precaution!” and we all laughed.