Author Name: Chua Jie Ren
Age: 12
School: Bukit Panjang Primary School



Whenever someone mentions the name ‘Auntie Lucy’ in front of me, tears will cascade down from my eyes and I will be reminded of an accident that had taken place ten years ago. It will be forever etched in my mind and this was what happened…

It was a typical day for me. I was ambling home excitedly as my father had promised me to bring me to the arcade to play as I had scored an ‘A Star’ for my Mathematics exam. As I made my way to the traffic junction, I espied a familiar old lady doddering to the other side of the street. Upon scrutiny, I found out that the old lady was Auntie Lucy. I looked to the junction a few meters away from her and was nonplussed to see a red Ferrari speeding towards her direction.

“Auntie Lucy! Watch out!” I bawled my lungs out.

Loud screeches could soon be heard, followed by a loud thud and a yelp of an elderly in pain. She was hit by the car and the impact sent her flying in the air. Landing onto the floor with a thunderous thud, she lay unconscious and in a pool of crimson red blood. I was stapled to the ground with my eyes gleamed wide and mouth agape.

The driver of the red Ferrari left the scene in a flash, too fast for me to register the car plate number.

Almost instantly, a crowd had formed.  Having recovered from my stupor, I fished out my mobile phone. Perspiration dotted my forehead as I dialed 911. Feeling of guilt, nervousness, and anger filled my heart. “Why didn’t I shout louder? Why?” I lamented.

In a matter of minutes, an ambulance arrived and Auntie Lucy was soon rested onto a stretcher and taken to the hospital. When I reached the hospital, I learnt that Auntie Lucy’s demise. I cried buckets of tears.

Till today, this incident had carved an indelible memory in my mind, never to cease, never to be forgotten.