Author Name: Corrine Kok
Age: 10
School: Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus


Friendship is what we should treasure no matter what. I have lost my best friend as a result of my stubbornness and from that day, no matter how hard I tried to seek her forgiveness, she turned a cold shoulder towards me.

It was a beautiful morning and Rachel and I, along with a few other classmates were at the playground. A few were playing on the slide and a boy was playing on the merry-go-round. Rachel and I were playing on the see-saw and having a whale of time.

After a while, Rachel and I were getting bored having played on the see-saw for a while.

“Rachel, I dare you to play on that faulty swing!”

“Amanda, I am not going to do that. Do you know that it is very dangerous The chain may snap any moment.”

“Come on, don’t be a coward. The chain will never snap.”

“I’m warning you, if you fall, I’m just going to walk straight out of here and I’ll leave you here. What if it really happens? Think about your injury.”

All her advice fell on deaf ears. I was too stubborn to listen to any of her warning. I scurried towards the swing and Rachel stormed away, sighing. I ignored her totally, thinking she was just being too childish.

While playing on the swing, I was having a time of my life. After a while, I heard a snapping sound! To my horror, I saw the chain snap right before my eyes. I was too shocked for words and my heart skipped a beat. Soon, I fell to the ground and a loud thud reverberated in the air.  Groaning in excruciating pain, I screamed out for Rachel. Rachel turned to my direction. I thought she would come running toward me but I was wrong. She smirked at me and walked out of the playground despite my callings for her. I regretted as I cried my heart out. I knew Rachel would never come back to help me. I slowly picked myself up, and limped all the way home.

True to her words, Rachel ignored me in school and I blamed myself for losing my best friend.