Author Name: Lee Clayton
Age: 11
School: Pei Chun Primary School


    “Crunch.” The popcorn in my mouth tasted heavenly and sensational. As I went on munching on my packet of popcorns, an atrocious event suddenly haunted my mind and reminding me of the unbearable feeling of hunger. This was how it went.

        “It’s okay Mum, I am rushing for time. I need to go for tuition. Bye!” I shouted, panicking as I was running late for tuition. I was nonchalant to my mother’s advice to have lunch. I picked up my bag and bolted as fast as a bullet and headed to tuition as fast as my legs could carry me. I had to sacrifice my favourite lunch just to be early for my tuition. With no regrets, I went off.

       After the tuition was over, I was starting to feel a little hungry but I ignored my hunger. Gradually, the hunger overwhelmed me. My stomach growled menacingly as it was a signal that my empty stomach could not endure the hunger anymore.

         I scouted to a nearby mall and found a food kiosk there. Without any second thought, my legs carried me to the kiosk faster than my instincts told me to. I looked carefully at the food they had on display. The popcorn was the one which caught my attention. The popcorn which was glazed with some butter reflected the bright light into my eyes. The aroma of it filled the atmosphere. I could already taste the popcorn in my mouth. It made me drool as it was really tempting and I decided to try it out. I waited for my turn as my patience was starting to run out. When it was my turn , I mumbled out what I wanted to order hurriedly as my impatience my hunger had overwhelmed my whole being.

      I snatched the well-decorated packet of popcorn and began crunching on them. The taste pampered my tastebuds, it was crunchy making it a surprise on my first bite. It was truly sensational indeed. I fished out the popcorns one by one, not wanting to finish it. This taught me that eating my three meals should be first priority when it was time. After all, I learnt my lesson, at least the hard way.