Author Name: Visruth
Age: 12
School: Greenridge Primary School


Do you think good deeds always pay off? If you think so, think again…

Here I was, in the park near my house, immersed in the one and only game of the year – ‘Pokemon Go’.

As I was sauntering along the path, the cool gentle breeze caressed against my chubby cheeks. Suddenly , upon spotting my ‘prized prey’, I sprinted like a horse of a gladiator to catch it.

The chase was a tiring one. After successfully capturing a few Pokemons to my heart’s content, I realised how exhausted I was. This time I darted not to catch a Pokemon but to a bench to ‘catch’ my breath. I was dead beat.

As I was resting, I noticed a few people playing with their adorable dogs. There was one particular owner who caught my fancy as he appeared to be more or less my age. He was playing with a frisbee with his agile and juvenile dog. I was enjoying the rapport between the master and his pet.

After a few exchanges, the wind blew a bit more violently changing the course of one of the throws causing the frisbee to land relatively close to where I was sitting. Genuinely, wanting to do a good deed I bent down to pick it when suddenly, I felt a set of sharp teeth sinking into my wrist!

“Ah!!!” I bawled my lungs out as I winced in pain.

Unfortunately, the apparent size of the dog and the intensity of the bite were disproportionate! The owner rushed to the spot looking very remorseful and upset.

“I’m so sorry but you really shouldn’t have touched the frisbee as my dog is very possessive about it and must have thought that you were taking it away from him. He’s cheeky but usually doesn’t bite,” he said ruefully.

With his arms akimbo, he lashed a tirade at the dog. However, the dog could not be blamed as its reaction was second nature to it.

The owner informed my parents on what had happened and accompanied me to the a poly clinic nearby.

Luckily for me, it was not a serious bite and could be sorted out with a simple jab and a small plaster.

The owner apologised yet again. As he was leaving, he gave a small piece of advice which was to concur with the owner before petting a dog or touching any article related to it. I  nodded my head in agreement.

As I was heading home, I began to reflect on my actions. I had come to a conclusion that it was good to extend a helping hand but sometimes being overindulgent can actually misfire.