Author Name: Celestar Hong
Age: 12
School: Greenridge Primary School


My grandmother is a septuagenarian whom I loved dearly. However, one day, fate brought us apart and whenever that scene flashes across my mind, tears will unknowingly flow down my cheeks as devastation overwhelmed me.

I was skipping merrily home, glad to be able to go home after a long and tiring day at school. I was meeting my grandmother at the nearby traffic junction as it was our common practice on Friday to buy groceries at the grocery shop. Upon reaching the traffic junction, I caught sight of my grandmother and waved towards her, with a great smile on my face. At the sight of me, she waved back. She gestured me to stay at the other side of the road as it was nearer to the grocery store. I did as I was told and stayed put there. Soon, the ‘green man’ of the pedestrian crossing started to light up. My grandmother practised the kerb rule and having ensured that there were no oncoming cars, she began to cross the road. However, nothing had prepared me for what was to come.

Out of the blue, from a sharp bend, a red sports car careened around the corner at breakneck speed! It took me a second to realize that at the speed the car was going at, which was clearly over the maximum allowed, there was no way the car would not hit my grandmother who was doddering.

“Grandma, watch out!”

However, all it took was that one second. That one second of hesitation to bring my grandmother whom I had loved so much to be on the road, lying motionlessly. That one second to throw me into a state of devastation and shock. That one second that I regretted deeply. My eyes gleamed wide. My mouth was agape. I took a small step at a time towards the septuagenarian. Beads of tears trickled down my cheeks continuously. Upon reaching my grandmother, I fell on my knees to the ground. Letting go of all my emotions, hysteric cries escaped from my mouth.

“Grandma, wake up, Grandma!”

However, no matter how many times I called, she did not react , not even once. I slowly put me my finger under her nose, fearing the truth I might discover. There was no breathe detected. Fear of losing this wonderful grandmother of mine filled my heart. I tried again. However, nothing changed the fact that there was still no pulse.

“No, Grandma, you cannot leave me! Grandma, wake up!”

Devastation overwhelmed me as those salty crystal tears just trickled down, one by one. I embraced my dear kin. I could hear the reckless driver dialling for an ambulance and then comforting me. However, I knew it. I knew that I might never be able to greet my dear grandmother again.

Soon, the wailing sirens of the ambulance were audible and I let go of her reluctantly. She was put on a stretcher. I sat in the ambulance, watching the paramedics doing all they could to revive grandmother but in vain. One of them looked to my direction and shook his head.

After a what seemed like an eternity, we reached the hospital. My grandmother was brushed(wheeled) to the emergency operation theatre. While I silently waited outside, with my head buried in my hands, my parents also arrived there the soon.

I guessed that the hospital staff had contacted them. They had curious and anxious faces but seeing as to how despondent I looked then, they avoided asking. So, for the next few hours, there was nothing but silence and a tense atmosphere.

After what seemed like an eternity, a guy donning white coat stepped out of the theatre. He had a grim look.

“Doctor, Doctor , how’s my mother?” The anxious cries of my mother escaped from her mouth almost immediately as she paced towards the doctor.

The doctor looked way. He let out a cough before saying in a solemn tone. “ I’m sorry, but we did the best that we could.”

Hearing that sentence, my parents and I felt as if a dagger had pierced through our hearts. The tears, continued to drip. The sobbing, it continued. My grandmother, she was gone , gone before our last farewell.  That moment was one of the saddest in my entire childhood, truly one of them.

To date, I still get nightmares of that fateful day, despite how much I tried to forget that painful moment. However, no matter where my dear grandmother is, there will always be a place for her in my heart, and no one will be able to replace her. Simply because, she is my favourite kin- the caring and warm grandmother.