Author Name: Olivia Tan Qian Tong
Age: 12
School: South View Primary School


“Bernice!”I called out to my best friend,Bernice, my best friend

She turned around to face me. “Yes, what’s up?”

“Do you want to prank Jasmine?”

“Sure!But,why?” and a diabolical grin spite across her face.

“I hate her! She is always asking me to do things for her!I am not her maid!I want her to know the consequence of bullying me!” I added, seething with anger

After another half-an-hour of class, it was finally recess time! The whole class made a beeline to line up for recess. Bernice and I pretended to line up. When the class started heading towards the canteen, I told Bernice that we should carry out our prank then. Quietly,we crept into the classroom. Taking out a tube of superglue from my bag and smirking with delight, we applied it evenly on Sarah’s chair and then headed for recess.

After recess, Bernice and I lined up together with the class and headed back to class. Getting ready for our Ms Soh’s class, we greeted her and sat down.

“Yes! She’s sitting down!” I looked at Bernice and smiled triumphantly.

“Bernice, Sarah, Qian Tong, Jasmine, follow me to my office to help me take some books now,”Ms Soh ordered,“The rest of the class do your silent reading.”

We quietly stood up and to my surprise, Sarah stood up! How could that be possible? I looked at Bernice and saw that she was having difficulty standing up. I knew at once that somebody had swapped Sarah’s and Bernice’s chair. The first person that came to my mind was the busybody prefect, Leticia. I glared at her with seething anger. Ms Soh, noticing that Bernice seemed to have trouble standing up,walked over and asked,“What happened?”

Letitia immediately stood up and told Ms Soh the whole enchilada of what we had done earlier.

Ms Soh was seeing red and instructed Bernice and me to meet her at the school office, along with Leticia.

After school, the threesome met Ms Soh at her office. With arms akimbo, Ms Soh lashed a tirade Bernice and me for pulling a prank on Sarah. She then advised us we should not have settled things the way we had done and should have told her about it. She too scolded Leticia for changing the chairs of Bernice’s and Sarah’s even though she wanted us to realize our mistake.

From this incident, I made a silent vow never to prank other people in this way ever again. So did Bernice.