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Dear Parents and Students,

In view of the Wuhan virus, Stepping Stones Study Centre (SSSC) will adopt MOE’s instructions.

Students and teachers returning from China to Singapore will have to take a compulsory leave of absence, said the Ministry of Education (MOE), as it announced on Monday (Jan 27) measures to protect schools from the Wuhan virus. The leave of absence will last for 14 days, starting from the day after their arrival in Singapore. This duration mirrors the incubation period of the coronavirus. Schools will also start daily temperature taking exercises when they reopen after the Chinese New Year holidays on Wednesday. Students and staff will be monitored for any signs of flu-like symptoms.’ CNA

These are the precautions SSSC are taking:

  1. Hygiene
    1. SSSC will begin daily body temperature taking exercises beginning 30 January 2020 (Thurs)
    2. Inform your children to come to SSSC 10 to 15 minutes before the commencement of lessons
    3. They need to approach the Counter Staff for this exercise before entering the classroom
    4. Teachers will remind those who have not done so
    5. Meanwhile, parents are advised to wait at the void deck for their children and only enter the Centre if needed to (for example, payment of fees or making enquiry)
    6. Students have to bring along their own face mask , a bottle of sanitizer and thermometer
      1. (As you know, there is a shortage of face masks  and bottles of sanitizer currently so SSSC is running low in stock of them too )
    7. If students do not have their personal thermometers, we will take their body temperature with ours
    8. Bottles of hand soap are readily available on the washing basins
  2. Sick Child
    1. If your children are unwell, PLEASE DO NOT SEND them to SSSC
    2. If we spot any student showing signs of flu-like symptoms, we will inform the respective parents and they are required to bring their kids home as soon as possible
    3. While waiting for the parents’ arrival, we will isolate the child and provide him / her with a face mask if he /she forgets to bring one along
  3. 14 days of Absence
    1. Those students who have just returned from China (between 23 and 28 January)  have to absent themselves from SSSC when the classes resume on 30 January.
    2. The leave of absence will last for 14 days, starting from the day after their arrival in Singapore.
    3. Please send us a WhatsApp message via 9010-3525 if you are one those affected and we will advise you from there.
    4. This absence will also apply to our teachers who are affected by this ruling too
  4. Further Advice from Ministry of Health 
    1. Read here for more information provided by MOE
    2. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/wuhan-virus-compulsory-absence-leave-students-teachers-china-12354940

We are doing all that we can to prevent the spread of this virus. Thus, during this period, we seek your co-operation and undertaking. In the meantime, let us all pray that this ordeal will soon be over and a speedy recovery to those affected.

Yours in Stepping Stones
Augustine Wong
Principal of Stepping Stones Study Centre