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Registration 2022 

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Time flies and the annual registration for Tuition 2022 has begun. Please take some time to read through the information provided and selected the class(es) you wish to enroll your child / children into. Thank you

Registration for Existing Students
Please read the registration procedures carefully.

  1. Schedule 2022 for all levels – click on this link – http://steppingstones.edu.sg/schedules-and-fees/
  2. Or you may also obtain a hard copy of the Annual Registration 2022 pamphlet from the Counter
  3. There are two ways of Submitting your Subject Confirmation Form
    1. Submit the Hard Copy of Subject Confirmation Form (found on the back of the pamphlet)
        1. On the ‘Subject Confirmation Form’ (SCF), write down the Subject ID of your preferred class(es)
        2. then hand it over to us in person
        3. or take a picture of it and WhatsApp it to us at 9010-3525
    2. Submit the Subject Confirmation Form via Google Forms
      1. Select the Google Forms that match the academic level of your child in 2022, fill in the form accordingly and submit it
      2. The Primary Levels
        1. Primary One
          1. https://forms.gle/f87wBED41KZDu21A6
        2. Primary Two
          1. https://forms.gle/uYfeV8DkrHhHpxWX9
        3. Primary Three
          1. https://forms.gle/MVE3w6nKuv9b414j6
        4. Primary Four
          1. https://forms.gle/E7LJHGN4TuXVJ5NJA
        5. Primary Five
          1. https://forms.gle/p1H6iEPCK7JmpHrh8
        6. Primary Six
          1. https://forms.gle/9zVs7EVkLb6hFyjp9
      3. The Secondary Levels
        1. Secondary One
          1. https://forms.gle/dnfjyrbXsnBQNoCLA
        2. Secondary Two
          1. https://forms.gle/7bibF9SchbYigeLs5
        3. Secondary Three
          1. https://forms.gle/376AHSHv7G9xB6mQ8
        4. Secondary Four and Fives
          1. https://forms.gle/qbdGGLh43TSy93ix8
  4. You can submit the form as soon as you receive this notice
  5. Submission must be done BEFORE 19th SEPTEMBER 2021
  6. If the selected class is full, priority will be based on first-come-first served basis
  7. from 4th October ,
    1. you will be informed if your preferred class(es) is/are successful
    2. if not, you would have to choose another class(es) of your second choice
    3. A Payment Advice Slip will be WhatsApp to you for payment
    4. To qualify for the Thank you E-Voucher, you would have to pay within the given grace period.
    5. The ‘Thank You E-Voucher’ is to thank you for the prompt submission of SCF and fee payment during the 4 days grace period.
    6. If payment is made after the stated grace period, the voucher and the selected class(es) will be forfeited
  8. The management reserves the rights in the allocation of classes in the event of any conflict 

Thank you E-Voucher
• To thank you for being an ‘Early Bird’, you will be entitled to a 10% Discount.
• This discount will be used to offset your fees in TERM 3 (21 Feb 2022 till 27 Mar 2022).
• The Registration Fees of $25 will be waived for any new registration done before 1st Nov 2021

Registration for New Students
Date – 18 October 2021 (Monday) onwards
Time – Monday to Friday : 4pm to 8:30pm
Saturday : 9:30am to 2:30pm

Commencement of Lessons
All lessons for the new semester will commence on the week beginning 6 Dec 2021.

Termination of Tuition Lessons Deadline

  • Any student, who has not registered for Tutelage 2021 before the new term which begins on 6 Dec 2021, is deemed to have left the centre. Any deposit paid will then be forfeited. This does not apply to those who are in Sec 4 and 5 this year.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the Centre and get your deposit refunded,
    • kindly fill in the termination form and submit it to us by 17 OCTOBER 2021.
    • the forms can be obtained over the counter.
    • late request will not be entertained
  • If a student wishes to come back to the Centre for lessons after 6 Dec 2021, a re-registration fee of $25 and a deposit of $80 will be imposed