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Parents and Guardians,

The schedule for Year 2020 is out now!

A)  Registration for Existing Students

Please read the registration procedures carefully.

  1. Please obtain a hard copy of the Annual Registration 2020 from the Counter
  2. On the ‘Subject Consent Form’ (SCF), write down the Subject ID of your preferred class(es) and return it to us BEFORE 22nd SEPTEMBER 2019.
  3. If you do not have the hard copy, click here to look at the Schedule 2020  : http://steppingstones.edu.sg/schedules-and-fees/
    1. Then select the class(es) you intend to let your child enrol into, key in the day of  lesson and the subject and WhatsApp to us at 90103525
  4. If the selected class is full, priority will be given to those
    • who have submitted the form early
    • who are currently taking the same subject in 2019
  5. no payment is needed upon submission of SCF
  6. from 7th October onwards …
    • we will let you know if your preferred class(es) is/are successful if not, you would have to choose another class(es) of your second choice 
    • you will be told when to pay the fees (you have 4 days to do so
    • you will be given a ‘Thank You Voucher’ for the prompt submission of SCF and fee payment during the 4 days grace period. In failing to do so, the voucher and the selected class(es) will be forfeited
  7. the management reserves the rights in the allocation of classes in the event of any conflict

B)  Registration for New Students

           Date – 21 October 2019 (Monday) onwards
          Time – Monday to Friday : 4pm to 8:30pm
                     Saturday               : 9:30am to 2:30pm

To know more about the schedule, please click on this link here  : http://steppingstones.edu.sg/schedules-and-fees/

Registration fee of $20 and Deposit of $40 will be applies to every student who wishes to join our Tutelage.

Feel free to call us at 6762 1546 for more information.