Author Name: Mr Augustine Wong

Did you boys say you have just met Harry Potter?” Mrs Bala, our senior counselor, asked us for the fifth time.

We sighed but giving her the respect, we mellowed, “Yes, Mrs Bala, we have met him and this is the sixth time we are telling you this.”

There was silence again. Her pair of black round eyes starred daggers into ours and a frown creased on her winkled face. Then she barked again.

“Nonsense, this is absurd! You guys must have been reading too much of Harry Potter and watching too many of his films! There is no such thing as Harry Potter in this world and now get out!”

We sighed again, this time even louder. I was the one to turn head and the rest of the guys followed suit. I shot a glance at Mrs Bala and spotted her muttering to herself and pulling her hair! Poor Mrs Bala. We had driven her mad but having thought about it, how could we blame her? Who on earth would believe that we had just met Harry Potter..

A group of my adventurous friends, including my best buddies, Matthew, Becks and Santiago, and I were hiking at NeverLand Campsite – a campsite famous for its nature and beauty and perhaps mystery. We had a great time singing around the campfire while Becks and Santiago strummed the guitar romantically.

The joy that we had was disturbed by a sudden change of weather. Black ominous clouds blanketed the dark grey sky, threatening everyone of a heavy downpour. A fork of sparkling bright lightning flashed, causing a crack to form in the sky. A great clap of thunder then came close upon each other and soon, a sudden shower was released. In a flash, all took shelter in our tents.

The wind howled, thrashing against the trees, causing the branches to whip and sway about in the storm. Countless of leaves were shed and came twirling and swirling in mid-air. Trees were bent double and before we knew it, Becks’ tent was uplifted by the wind. He, together with Santiago and Matthew, gasped in horror and drenched to the skin. It was at this sudden moment that I thought I heard the splitting of wood. Before I could figure what it was, I heard Becks bawling.

“R…run, a t…tree is felling!”

I screwed my head to the right and there I could only shriek in fear and shoved my fist into my mouth. I froze, mouth trout-like, agape in anticipation and heart racing. I could feel my stomach knot up and hair standing on its end – a gigantic was crashing down onto my tent!

As I awaited death to fall onto me, I spotted a figure, someone on a vibrating broom like Nimbus 2000, zooming across us. Those who had seen it sent shrilling screams piercing the air.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” that mysterious figure shouted and waved a wand towards that felling tree, levitating it from crashing into my tent. Amazing, that enormous tree hung levitated in mid-air.

Soon, that figure zoomed towards us and stood before us. We almost fainted when we scrutinised who that person was.

“Hey, my name is Harry, Harry Potter, a wizard. I was trying out my latest Nimbus 2008 when I spotted you guys in trouble so…” but before he could finish his sentence, Matthew cut him short.

“B…but y…you are r…real! H…how could it b…be? Y…you are just supposed t…to be a movie character!”

Harry gave us an annoying frown and snapped at us.

“Me, just a movie character? Hey, look at me, I’m real and what are you talking about!” and in a flash, he took off in his funny looking broom.

All of us had our mouths glued; no one utter a single word. We could only stare at the gigantic tree that remained levitated with our pairs of agape eyes. We knew deep in our hearts we had somehow witnessed a phenomenon no living beings had experienced and would face a tough time explaining to the world we had just met Harry. Harry who? Harry Potter!