Author Name: Rachel Quek
Age: 9
School: Kranji Primary School


There were many children at Evergreen Park. Beaming with joy, they played on the round-about and slid down the slides as their hearts were swelled with happiness. Janet and her elder sister, Janice, were having a whale of time playing on the see-saw. The children were very happy indeed.

Just then, Janet spotted a swing, It had always been her favourite. She pointed it to her sister.

“Look, the swing, the swing!” she exclaimed

With that, she hopped onto it.

“No, Janet, look, the chain is faulty. You may injure yourself,” said Janice with concern.

Unfortunately, those words fell on Janet’s pair of deaf ears. Ignoring her advice, she continued swinging happily. Her sister continued to warn her about the consequences.

“See? There is nothing wrong with the swing,” Janet said after a short while. “You’re imagining things.”

The furious Janice turned and went to play at the round-about. As she stepped on it, there was snapping sound followed by a loud thud and a loud scream.

“What was that noise?” Janice asked in alarm.

As she turned towards Janet, she jumped out of her skin. The scene was enough to curl her hair. Lying on the ground was Janet, bleeding and bursting into a flood of tears.

Janice hurried to help her sister up. Some helpful children rendered their assistance and she thankfully accepted it.

They left the park and decided to visit a nearby clinic.

“Let’s see what Mum and Dad would do to you if they know about this,” teased Janice, as they reached the entrance of the clinic.

“I’m sure to be punished,” Janet moaned.

“Serves you right for not listening to my advice!” chuckled Janice.