Author Name: Yue Zong Jun
Age: 11
School: Nan Hua Primary School


Whenever I see either a tube of superglue or some thumbtacks, I will never forget the day when I lost my best friend, Jack.

On that fateful day, I had invited Jack to my house to play with him. We were playing our favourite game, Asphalt 8, in my room. We were having such a great time when my watch beeped. Oh no! It was already three o’ clock! It almost seemed like five minutes had gone by but in fact, we had actually been playing for five hours! It was then I felt the need to answer the call of nature. Jack had the same feeling too but he was willing to let me go there first and he would wait until I had finished doing mine.

After I had emptied my bladder, a memory came rushing back to me. It was the same memory that I would think of whenever I was bored – the memory about the time when Jack scared the half of my life out of me. I then knew that was the perfect time for revenge.

I went out to the living room to see what I could do to pull a prank on him. The first thing I saw were some extra thumbtacks on my home’s noticeboard, a piece of cardboard, a tube of superglue and a thin but strong strand of string. I got the ideal plan to have the perfect revenge. I wrote: “A surprise for you!” on the piece of cardboard. I applied superglue mixed with water on it and attached a string to it. I then filled a bucket which was in the bathroom with thumbtacks. I attached it to a pole and attached the string to it. I went back to my room, called out to Jack and told him a surprise would be waiting for him in the toilet. I was over the moon and thought about the looks on his face when he fell for the prank.


Perfect! I thought. I made a beeline to the toilet with a diabolical grin spite across my face. But the result that greeted me was not the way I wanted it to be. Wet super glue was spilled all over him. All of the thumbtacks had missed him, except for three which had landed on his buttock. My eyes gleamed wide with mouth agape.

Recovering from the shock that I had, I called for an ambulance and my mother came rushing over the moment I told her the whole enchilada on what had just happened. I tried to help him by using tissues to soak up the wet super glue that had not dried up yet in case some of it got into his eyes. My mother helped by calling Jack’s parents. Within minutes, the ambulance arrived. Having understood the whole enchilada, they immediately brought him to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor removed the thumbtacks carefully and applied some ointment while John was trying not to cry from the pain. After the doctor had finished treating Jack, he went to his parents. I went forward to apologise to him only to be greeted with a face seething with rage.

“Who needs a friend who does not know the meaning of ‘danger’! At least my pranks were much safer that yours! Get away! I don’t need a friend like YOU!”

I was utterly taken aback. That was also the day I last saw Jack. He had rejected all my calls, emails and even shifted to a new location. Waves of regrets had truly filled my heart but I knew it was all too late.