Author Name: Chia Ai Fen
Age: 11
School: Zheng Hua Primary School

The day blossomed like a bright and lovely flower. The air was fresh crisp. Warm rays of the sun filtered through the canopy of leaves, embracing the glistening dewdrops and bidding them farewell.

“Come and buy things from here! $1 for two apples Come here, come here! Cheap bargain in the world!” the fruit sellers were bawling their lungs out, trying to attract the passers-by to buy their items.

Tommy was visiting the market. He weaved his way through the crowded market hunting for great bargains. The whole market was like packed snow with people milling around. Jovial chatters filled the air while some families had babies shouting at their top of their voices.

The synergy of the boisterous crowd and the merriment all around was making Tommy feel obnoxious. He felt as if he were stuck in a maze. He spied a sexagenarian bargaining with a vegetable seller over some vegetables. He shook his head in amazement. He could never understand why Singaporeans are so `kaisu’. They always want to spend less and save more.

As he made his way further into the boisterous crowd, the noise reached a deafening level just like in a night market with the hawkers hollering, trying to sell their products. Abruptly, a scrawny teenager with tousled hair, standing as quiet as a church mouse in a corner caught Tommy’s attention. His small beady eyes darted slyly from side to side. The people in the market were oblivious to his sinister presence.

The teenager meandered through the crowd and caught sight of the sexagenarian and he smiled like a Cheshire cat lapping on a bowl of milk.

Just then he had a brainwave. A huge grin spite across his face as his impish mind as he formulated a plan.

With Sherlock Holmes’ detective’s instincts, Tommy observed every movement he made as he inched closer to the sexagenarian. The teenager mustered all his courage and as quick as lightening, he swiftly nicked a black wallet from her bag surreptitiously and put it into his pocket skilfully like a rightful owner of the loot. Tommy’s heart was palpitating against his ribs and his hand turned cold and clammy as he searched his brain frantically for a reaction on what he should do.

Within a fraction of a minute, Tommy’s righteous instincts revved up and he knew what he had to do. Using his resourcefulness, Tommy bellowed “Stop where you are!”

Anxiety charged through the teenager’s veins. Fear gripped the pits of his stomach – he was caught red handed! The word `stealing’ ricocheted repeatedly and thoughts of him being arrested raced through his mind. The teenager took to his heels. Tommy stormed toward the teenager in hot pursuit. Tommy had daggers in his eyes. The teenager’s heart was palpitating vigorously and perspiration dotted his forehead.

The teenager headed to the hazardous road and saw a car whizzing past the market. Dexterously, the teenager dodged the blow of the oncoming car and make it to the barrier in the middle of the road. When the teenager turned back, he saw the clumsy Tommy standing in the road bracing the killing impact of the car. He was waving frantically and shouting incoherently. The car tried to screech to a halt but to no avail.

Instantly, the car crashed heavily onto Tommy, sending him flying in midair and landing a few meters away with a thunderous thud. Everybody stood rooted to the ground in bewilderment. The teenager was flabbergasted to see Tommy writing in excruciating pain. The teenager knew he was going to be in hot soup.

Some vigilant passers-by alerted the police and the ambulance instantaneously while the teenager was stapled to the ground, paralysed with guilt and fear. The teenager heart’s was filled with remorse. The ambulance and police arrived in record time. The police cordoned off the area where the severely injured and motionless Tommy was lying. Paramedics administered first aid and attended to Tommy proficiently. The casualty was whisked away to one of the nearby hospitals for emergency treatment while the police besieged around the teenager.

In no time, the cool metal cuffs were locked round the teenager’s lanky wrist as he surrendered himself to the policeman. The recalcitrant delinquent deserved to be caught for his unruly act. It was wrong for him to run away from his nefarious acts. The weight of repentance hung over the teenager’s heart. A mixture of remorse and relief swept through his mind as he had learnt his lesson. Poverty is not a crime but stealing is.

Vocabulary and Good Phrases

boisterous – making a lot of noises
obnoxious – A very offensive, unpleasant, or rude
sexagenarian – someone who is between 60 and 69 years old
hollering – shouting
scrawny – thin
tousled – tousled hair or a tousled appearance looks untidy
sinister – feeling that something evil, dangerous, or illegal is happening or will happen
meandered – walked somewhere in a slow relaxed way
impish – showing a lack of respect or seriousness in a way that is amusing rather than bad – mischievous
Sherlock Holmes’ – name of a famous detective
surreptitiously – done secretly or quickly because you do not want other people to notice
heart was palpitating against his ribs – fear
Fear gripped the pits of his stomach – fear
ricocheted – if a bullet, stone, or other object ricochets, it changes direction when it hits a surface at an angle
daggers in his eyes – anger look
perspiration dotted his forehead – perspiring
Dexterously – skilful and quick when using your hands or in using words or your mind
shouting incoherently – shouting in a way that cannot be understood, because you are drunk, scared or feeling a strong emotion etc
stapled to the ground – stood rooted to the ground
besieged – surrounded a city/ castle / person with military force
recalcitrant delinquent – a unruly young person who breaks the law or behaves in ways their society does not approve of
unruly – violent or difficult to control , very wild behaviour
nefarious – evil or criminal