Author Name: Chin Wei Yee
Age: 10
School: Yew Tee Primary School


My friends and I were in our school bus and were on the way back home. Some were having a whale of time playing finger games. Others were reading their story books and Jane and I were chattering away. We were having heaps of fun when a sudden thunderous sound shocked the daylight out of us. Everyone panicked. Li Wen, the timid one, burst into tears and I had to comfort her.

Meanwhile, the bus driver turned around to pacify us that everything was under control. The bus had run out of petrol and could no longer move an inch.

“Okay children, I need your help. I need all of you to calm down. I will have to get down from the bus to redirect the traffic.” Then looking towards my direction, he added, “Jane and Sally, can you see the petrol kiosk across the road. I need you to go over there to buy a can of petrol for me. Can you do that?”

We nodded. Having collected the money from him, Jane and I made a beeline to the petrol kiosk.

Meanwhile, the bus driver got down from the bus to redirected other drivers.

In a jiffy, we came back with a can of petrol. The driver instantly poured the petrol into the petrol tank.

“Okay, let’s get back to the bus. Good job, girls.”

Jane and I were like a dog with two tails.

“Voom! Voom!” the engine roared as soon as he started the engine.

“Okay children, to apologise for the scare earlier, Uncle Lim is taking all of you to McDonalds for a meal!”

The whole bus roared!

Soon, we were happily munching on the McDonalds meals and our mouths were stuffed with french fries and burgers.

It was such an unforgettable day – a day I would never forget.