Author Name: Tan Kai Le
Age: 12
School: Greenridge Primary School

Pictures Provided : A Bowl of Noodles ,  A Hospital ,  A Ball

Everyone says that I am very filial, always doing my best to help you in every way I could. But what they do not know is that I was the cause of this – you being wheelchair-bound … .

“Go away, Grandma! Can’t you see that I am busy with my computer games? Furthermore,the hawker centre is not very far,you can buy the noodles yourself,” I hollered, rolling my eyes at you.

You had no choice but to buy the noodles yourself. As you doddered out of my room, I was nonchalant and turned my attention back to the screen. Little did I know that I would regret this moment for the rest of my life.

I was immersed in the computer games that unknowingly, hours had passed and you had not returned. Panicking, I grabbed my keys and headed to the door, wanting to look for you.  Just when I was at the doorstep, the telephone rang.

“Hello,is this the Tan’s residence?” the person on the line asked.

“Yes,” I answered , wondering what it was all about.

The person on the line then stated your name and asked if I knew this person. At this juncture, I knew something was not right. I was right.

“Yes, she is my Grandma.Why?”

“She is admitted into the Singapore General Hospital,” the person said.

Standing rooted to the floor, I could feel my heart miss a beat, or perhaps two. With my eyes and mouth wide agape, I seemed to have lost my sanity for a moment before continuing.

“Hospital?I’ll be there in a moment,” I hung up and made a beeline to the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, I scurried to the emergency ward and learned from the nurses that the doctors were still trying to save you. Pacing outside the emergency room, I was anxious about you. I vowed that if anything were to happen to you, I would never forgive myself. After for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came out of the room. I rushed forward and asked about your condition.

“She is not in danger but her spine is broken and she will not be able to walk from now on. You may go in , she is awake,” and having completed his sentence, the doctor walked away.

Hearing the piece of unwanted news, tears started clouding my eyes before streaming down my ashen face. I wiped them away and barged into the room. The moment I saw you, I could not control my emotions any longer.

“Grandma!I’m sorry! I should not have let you buy the noodles on your own!I’m sorry!” I bawled my lungs out as tears washed my face.

“Don’t cry.It is not your fault. I did not know notice a puddle of water and slipped. It is not your fault.Don’t cry,” Grandma you consoled as you ruffled my hair gently.

Why? Why had I not bought the noodles for you? I knew that it had rained that morning and your legs were weak. Was it so difficult to buy noodles for her? Why had I not obliged?

“Hush, my dear granddaughter. It is not your fault alright.”

Sniffing,I wiped my tears away.

From that day on, you were wheelchair-bound and till this day, I still could not forgive myself. I would assist you in everything you do,trying hard to make up for my mistake. But I knew that no matter what I were to do, I could never change the fact that  you could walk again. If I could turn back time, I would make sure that I would not repeat that mistake that I would regret for as long as I live.