Author Name: Yang Shi Hsien
Age: 10
School: Greenridge Primary School


Remembering I had a composition to write, I took it out from my bag, the question was ‘how I managed to stop a fight’. Instantly, an incident that happened to me came flooding into my mind.


On that day, Tom and Dick had invited me to go play badminton with them at the community club. As I was walking to the community club, I went to KFC to buy drumsticks.


When I went to the community club’s badminton court, I was shocked to see Tom and Dick quarrelling. They hurled vulgarities and were trading punches at each other. I was in a dilemma while thinking of how to stop them.


“Die la, what should I do? I have to stop them fast if not they will be seriously injured! Aiya, come on, think!” I cracked my brain and just then, my eyes fell upon the packet of chicken wings I had bought earlier. The corners of my lips lifted. “I know what to do!” Waving the packet of chicken wings in the air, the aroma wafted in the air,


The two boys upon seeing the packet of chicken wings, they were mesmerized and stopped the fight. They kept on saying that they want the chicken wings, so I made a deal with them. After I had set the conditions for them, they reconciled and apologised to each other.


“Boy, it’s time for dinner!” my mother bellowed from the kitchen.


Her shout interrupted my train of thoughts and jolted me back to reality. Having known how to complete my composition, I left my table to join my family for dinner. This incident had carved an indelible imprint in my mind, never to fade never ever to be forgotten, as I had managed to break up a fight and bring peace to my friends again.