Author Name: Toh Yi Cheng
Age: 12
School: Bukit Panjang Primary School

Do you know that Love has the power to conquer all fears and impossibility in lives? Don’t believe me? Well, I do not initially, but after this extraordinary event, yes, now I do …

I was in the library reading a very interesting book. I had my eyes glued to the book when I smelt a whiff of fragrance lingering not far from me. I looked up, rolled my eyes around and spotted Angela, the school belle, and my dream girl, sashay into the library. She was heading towards some book shelves.

Just when I was mesmerized in her enchanting fragrance, a sudden dose of disgusting odour emitted into my nostrils. I recognized that atrocious smell – who else but from the notorious bully, Sam. He had invaded into the library. Immediately, I sensed something was not right and troubles were lurking at a corner.

My eyes were locked to his every sinister movement. Sam was swaggering toward Angela and once he got to her, he snatched her book away! I was flabbergasted! But what came next made my lower lip plunge straight to the floor – he elbowed and pushed my sweetheart to the floor! Poor Angela – she sprawled onto the floor, groaning in excruciating pain. Despite the agony on her face, she still looked so alluring and bewitching!

Bringing myself back to reality, I knew I had to save a damsel in distress.

“Smelly Swine!” these two words shot out from my heart and to my mouth and I knew I was doomed!

The robust Sam turned around. “What did you just call me? D…did you just call me a SWINE? You must be tiring of living, huh? Want a piece of this?” and he raised his clenched fist at me, knuckles beaming red with fury. “Eat this!” and he charged at me like a raging bull.

Upon seeing him charging towards me, my heart leapt to my mouth and was so antsy that I could feel myself wanting to pee right away. But somehow, I put up a brave front. Controlling myself, I waited for the right time to attack. Once his furious fist was about to land on my face, I swerved towards the right and Sam lost his step. His deadly blow landed on table, almost breaking it into half and he fell hard to the floor!

Seeing this opportunity, I pounced onto his back and pummeled him on hard on his groin. Obviously, he roared in agony. Blows after blows rained onto his back. I had literally treated him as if he were a sandbag! Instantly, roars of cheers ricocheted across the walls of the library. Those cheers ignited revitalized my energy and revenge was written all over me. I heard him plead for mercy but my ears were like those of Beethoven – deaf. I espied the librarian, Mrs Tan, and she was also cheering me on too. I knew she had had enough of him.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Mrs Tan finally spoke up and that calmed my nerves and released my blows. By then, Sam was filled with bruises. He broke into sobs and wailed like a baby. Everyone broke into peals of laughter and he scampered out of the library, shirt drenched wet.

“Andy! Andy! Andy!” cheers of triumphant reverberated. I was basked with pride in their cheers.

Just then, Angela sashayed towards me.

“Thank you,” she blew a whisper into my ears, sending shivers of love down my spine. “M…maybe , we should hang out o…one day.”

“Sure ,y…ya , w…why not! I…I love t…that. That’s a cool idea. Y…ya, I …love that.”

I did not know what I was mumbling but tried to put a ‘cool’ front, but that was on the surface. Deep within me, I froze as if a romantic cupid had shot me with countless arrows of love. I just could not believe that I would be dating the school belle! But most importantly, I had never dreamt I could I had committed an act of bravery and managed to defeat that burly and stinky bully.

Just as I was to strut away, I could feel liquid dripping down my pants. “Oh my God, I have just peeed!” Luckily, no one noticed it and perhaps that explained why Sam’s shirt was wet too!