Author Name: Cruise Chen
Age: 11
School: Bukit Panjang Primary School

Do you know the true meaning of death? Do you know what it feels like when someone close to you dies? I never actually had the answer for those two questions until that incident happened. I always thought it would be nothing. I was wrong, very wrong…

Black ominous clouds blanketed the once blue sky, warning everyone of a heavy downpour. In no time, a fork of blindingly bright lightning flashed, forming a crack in the sky, and disappearing a split second later. Replacing the lightning, a clap of thunder momentarily stunned me. A few minutes later, a sudden downpour was released from the heavens. Thankfully, human technology had gone for enough to invent a bus. Otherwise, I would be drenched by now. I was in my school bus home. Gazing boringly out of the bus window, I realized that the traffic flow had slowed to a lazy crawl. Curious, I went to the front of the bus and looked out of the windscreen.

What I saw almost shocked me out of my life! A huge tree had been slightly uprooted by the thrashing wind. With the rain and the wind, the tree slowly fell and landed heavily on another bus. Glass shattered and sparks flew as metal got crusted and twisted under the tree’s weight. It was the bus transporting my brother home!!! I went insane. Pounding at the bus’s doors, I shouted at the bus driver.

“Get this damn door open!”

The doors slid open. I ran hysterically to the bus and tore at the wreck trying to get my brother out. It was crazy! I was berserk and could not control my despair. I even tried to lift the ancient tree off the bus! When my energy had all gone, I sank to the ground and sobbed. I heard a slight hissing sound. Looking up, I saw petrol leaking out from under the bus.

“Oh shit!”

I got up quickly and tried to run. It was too late. A huge ball of fire had enveloped the tree and the bus. Glass shattered and things broke both living and non-living. Pieces of metal and glass were suddenly whirling knives slicing through flesh, cloth and plastic with equal ease. I was lifted two meters into the air and landed on the wet road. I tried getting up. I succeeded. I staggered a few steps when I felt one of my ribs break and puncture through my chest. Seeing the patch of red on my white school uniform growing bigger, I gave up the fight to remain conscious.

I woke up alone, which I felt was highly unfair. I always knew that one day I would wake up in a hospital due to my really active behavior. But for some romantic reasons, I had believed that when I came around, there would be crowd of concerned family members hovering around the bed. But there was nobody. Just a sterile hospital room. Then, I remembered what happened. Tears slid down my face as I slid back into unconsciousness.

That day, I was left alone – completely alone. Then, my mom came. In tears, she explained what happened. It was a waste of time for I already knew what had happened. My brother was dead. Soon, I recovered and I visited the graveyard.

Until now, I still have not gotten over the tragedy. It had been 5 years since my beloved brother had left me and every night before I rested my heavy heart to sleep, I prayed to God that He would enlighten me and answered me why He had to take my brother away from me. I pray every night to know the meaning of death but till now, I receive no reply. Do you know true meaning of death?