Author Name: Felix Tan
Age: 12
School: Greenridge Primary School


I was in a dilemma. My eyes gleamed wide with horror and my heart skipped a beat. Maybe two. I cupped my shivering hands over my trout-like mouth in the nick of the time to stifle a shout. I moved steadily; leaping from shadow to shadow, hiding in a corner. James, the burliest and meanest bully in the whole school, surreptitiously fished out a black marker and scribbled some worst vulgarities on the walls of the vacant classrooms for supplementary class purposes. No one dared to step into his path, not even some teachers. Pupils would cower in fear just at the sight of James. James was oblivious that I was eyeing him. I dared not confront him for his trademark punches even though I was as large as he.

It was recess time. I was sauntering down to the canteen when I spotted him by a stroke of luck. No one was there, excluding James. I broke put into cold sweat despite the cool breeze that caressed my face gently. My heart thumped so loudly and wildly against my ribs that I was afraid that James might hear it. There was an eerie pin-drop silence, except for some screeching of the marker against the wall.

“Should I report it to the discipline master, Mr Lee, or should I wash my hands off this and treat it as though nothing happened?” a myriad of questions bombarded me.

Out of the blue, James fished out a pen knife and started scratching the walls, leaving indelible marks on them. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I crept out from my hiding place and stormed to the general office , wanting to report this atrocious incident to Mr Lee but before I could move an inch, I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Stop right there. I wondered since when you had grown guts?” James enunciated, his words full of sarcasms, silence breaking the awkward.

I turned back to face him, eye to eye. We were locked in a fiery stare. Time dragged, every minute, every second dragged like a snail, reluctant to go into history.

“What do you want? Shut up and get lost!” I reviled using my tough-guy tone.

He gave a guffaw and bent down slightly. I knew what was coming. But before I knew it, he darted up and assailed me, sending his merciless attacks at me. I dodged from left to right. Lady luck was definitely eluding me when one of James’ trademark punches landed on my arm. He smirked. I was filled with apprehension. Sensing the lack of vigilance in him, I zoomed forward at the speed of light and landed a punch on his stomach. He doubled over; writhing in agony but it was spasmodic. He sprang up and gasped for breath and panting.

“Let’s see what you are made of!” he roared like an agitated lion.

I was aghast. He fished out his pen knife and brandished it. I backed off, not wanting to be hurt. He advanced forward cautiously. He was dexterous and I knew that my death was cast and my fate was sealed. He smirked. I took a meticulous aim at his wrist, ready to disarm him and I had to strike while the iron was hot. I know that you think that I was putting all eggs in one basket but I really had no other alternatives.

“Ring!” the bell rang. James was distracted and I stabbed him with every ounce of my strength. He was disarmed and I took no chances. I knocked him over, raining blows on him. He struggled and I was sprawled on the floor. By this time, students were streaming up and some witnessed the fight. A few intrepid boys pinned James down; palpably knackered while one reported the incident to Mr Lee.

In no time, Mr Lee arrived and questioned me. I related the whole tale to him in a shaky tone. James was brought down to the whole office and that was in the last of him. He was probably expelled.

Crime does pay. A man who makes his bed lies in it. So, if you want to do something bad, think again, even if you think that you are alone, someone can be watching you.