Author Name: Vernice Chua
Age: 10
School: Greenridge Primary School

Remembering I had a composition to write, I took it out from my bag and the theme was “being responsible”. Immediately, an incident that happened a few months ago came rushing into my mind.

On that day, my mother told me to buy food for us, so I went to KFC. When I was queuing up to buy the food, I saw a little girl pleading her mom to buy a meal but unfortunately, her mother did not have enough money to buy it.

“I’m sorry but I do not have enough money to buy it. Maybe next time?” the little girl’s mother asked.

Feeling down and depressed, the little girl had no choice but to nod her head and they began to leave the store. I felt bad for them, so before they could leave the store, I quickly stopped them and offered them to buy the meal for them. Shocked by my offer, the mother hesitated but I insisted on buying it for them. This went on for a while until the mother finally gave in. I bought them the meal and they thanked me. Seeing the happiness glowing in the girl’s eyes overwhelmed my whole being.

When they left the store, I looked into my wallet and gaped. I realized I did not have enough money to buy food for my mother and me. My heart skipped a beat when I thought of what my mother would do to me when she found out I did not buy the food. In the end, I decided to just face the music.

When I reached home, I dragged my feet to my mother and told her I did not buy the food. I hung my head low as I thought she would scold me but instead of scolding me she praised me. I was confused.

“Why are you praising me when I did not buy the food?” I asked, scratching my head in puzzlement.

My mother told me to log into my Facebook to understand what she said, so I did as told. Having scrolled through the various posts posted, I chanced upon a video that showed what I had done in KFC. It turned out a patron there had recorded what I had done when I offered to pay for the meal! The post had generated at least one hundred ‘Likes’ and was spreading like wildfire! Many left positive comments about my honourable deed.

Seeing that, I was like a dog with two tails. Mum praised me too. As a reward, Mum decided to upgrade my phone to an iPhone X Max. It was unbelievable!

“Boy, it is time for dinner!” my mother shouted from the dining room.

Her shout interrupted my train of thoughts and jolted me back to reality. Knowing what to write for my composition, I joined my family for dinner.

This incident had carved an indelible imprint in my mind never to fade, never to be forgotten as I had never known through a small act of kindness, I could be so famous and also get to a brand new iPhone X Max from Mum!