Author Name: Low Wen Xin
Age: 11
School: Henry Park Primary School


How much does a five-cent coin mean to you? Well, it means a lot to me. Do you know why?

The torrent of rain formed a blanket under the dark grey sky. The rain went pitter-patter on the roof of the bus stop. The rain was accompanied by strong gusts of winds. The clap of thunder was so loud that it startled the people greatly.

I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus. I folded my arms as I shivered.

‘Brr… I… I… am f… feeling … s… so cold,’ I chattered.

I jogged on my feet to keep myself warm. I watched as people walked in the busy streets. Just then, I cast a sight at a lane not far away. An old lady was staggering towards the bus stop. She was holding on tightly to her umbrella as if it was a precious gem. The old lady was lanky. A gust of wind almost lifted her off the ground. My heart skipped a beat.

It was at this sudden moment when the old lady fell to the ground with her umbrella turned inside out. I clasped my hands over my agape mouth, eyes gleamed with horror. I froze for a moment, not knowing what to do. It took me a few seconds for me to recover from my stupor. I raced towards her.

‘Are you alright, Granny?’ I asked with concern.

The old lady nodded her head as she rubbed her back. Seeing this, I helped her massage her back. The old lady’s face lit up with a broad smile. She stood up and I helped her to the bus stop.

Upon reaching the bus stop, I saw the old lady reach into her purse in her pocket. She opened the purse and I saw her looking for something.

‘Oh…’ she sighed.

‘What are you looking for?’ I asked with curiosity.

The old lady shook her head. Suddenly, she smiled and took out a five-cent coin from her purse.

‘This is for you, darling. Thank you for helping me just now. If not for you, I might be dead now,’ the old lady said as she handed the coin to me.

‘Granny, I can’t accept this. I can’t, please, Granny, take it back. I do not need it,’ I rejected the old lady’s offer.

The old lady looked sad. The old lady said that although it was the only coin she had now, it would be worth giving it, to someone who had helped her when she fell. I was moved by what the old lady told me. Tears were welling at the sided of my eyes. I had to accept the old lady’s offer. As she left, I looked at the coin that was on my palm. By then, my bus had arrived. However, I did not take the bus, I still stood there, looking at the coin. I could not stop crying. The old lady’s only coin? She gave me the coin? Questions kept ringing in my mind.

By the time I stopped crying, I decided that I would NEVER spend the five-cent coin. I kept it in a picture frame with a card saying, ‘Never ever use this coin’. With this reminder, I can still remember vividly all that happened on that day…