Author Name: Chua Wen Ni
Age: 12
School: Beacon Primary School

Pictures Provided:  A Piano, A Girl Crying , Track and Field 

The last time I performed before an audience was when I was six. The name of the piano piece etched into my brain,even till this day. “Moonlight Sonata Movement 3”. The moment of silence when I stopped playing in the middle of the performance when I thought of you. How could you leave me?

You were a fierce instructor.The cane which you gripped onto so tightly and hit me with every single time I struck the wrong note. It was all worth it after all the trophies I had won,stacked neatly on the wooden shelf. Ever since you left, Mom, I had stopped playing the piano. Each time I play, the overwhelming sense of sadness fills me, leaving the keys of the piano drenched with tears. I have sworn to myself, ever since that day you left me, I would never play the piano again. Those words stuck to my mind,never to be forgotten.

However this time, I was not going to leave my years of blood ,sweat and tears to waste. I was going to enter a piano competition again after all these years. With my hands trembling, I handed in the form of administration to join the competition.

Every single time I practised, I could not help but to think of you. I could not hear the notes, no matter how hard I tried. It was as though they were submerged in water and the fact that I knew that you were watching over me made me even more nervous.

Time was ticking and the competition was nearing. In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the competition. My heart thumped wildly in my chest as I fidgeted nervously. So afraid and traumatic was I that I would not be able to hear the notes and that I would screw up again, just like last time.However, one thing I knew, I could not let you down.

“Next up, we have Tim Tan,” the host announced with a monotonous voice.

The entire hall fell to a pin-drop silence and the audience filled with anticipation.

“I will be playing Fantaisie Impromptu by Chopin,” I said as I tried to muster all the confidence I had in me.

With my arms trembling and my legs wobbling like jelly, I breathed in and out and clenched my fists. I positioned my fingers on the keys and started to play. Shutting everything out, I focused only on the piano and nothing else. My fingers slid across the keys gracefully as I displayed all my misery and emotions that I have had since you had left into that one piece of music. I could hear the piano, the keys did not sound like they were submerged in water. With each key I pressed, my playing started to become smoother . Letting go of all thoughts about you, I felt proud of myself. I was completely immersed in the music.

As soon as I hit the last key, the audience went into a standing ovation and the judges glanced at each other with a look of approval. However, I did not care about all those, the only thing I was concerned about was that if you had received my music. Did my music reach you? I hoped it did.

After the results were announced, I heard my name being announced. Punching my fists in the air, I swaggered onto the stage to receive the trophy. I came in first. With tears welling up in my eyes, I was proud of myself for this wonderful achievement. Did I make you proud? I hoped I did.

Ever since that day, I went on to win many competitions with my main goal of only making you proud, Mom. Each achievement and trophy was won only because of you. You are my only motivation to move on. I miss you. I love you.