Author Name: Joreen Ng
Age: 10
School: Yew Tee Primary School


I would never forget my tenth birthday. Usually, most people would think that a birthday party would be an enjoyable one but it turned out to be a tragic one for me.

It was my birthday. Balloons and streamers were hung on the ceiling. All my classmates were invited. They showered me with lots of presents and I was over the moon. My mother mother had prepared food like french fries, chicken wings, pizzas and more.

Having sung a birthday song for me, I made a wish and blew the candles on the cake. They clapped and cheered for me and I was on cloud nine.

After eating, we played some games. We were screaming and hopping merrily while my mother took some pictures. While walking past the phone, it rang. Thinking it must be Dad, I picked it up excitedly.

“Dad, what time are you coming home? I’m waiting for you!”

“Ahem, I am not your dad. I am Doctor Tan from Singapore General Hospital. Are you related to Mr Ng Jun Hearn?

Momentarily, I was stunned and felt my voice quivering as I replied, “Yes.I am his daughter.”

“Your father has met with a serious accident. He is badly injured and in a critical condition. We need you and your family to come to the hospital immediately.”

When I heard those words, I dropped the phone on the ground. For a moment, I was silent. A few seconds later, I burst out crying. Tears cascaded down my eyes. Seeing me crying, Mother made a beeline towards me.

“Darling,what’s the matter?”

I grabbed onto my mother.

“Mum, Daddy has met with a serious accident and his life is danger!” and I went on to tell Mother what the doctor had told me.

“We need to go to the hospital now, Jane!” Mum cried, in between sobs .

My friends were told the whole enchilada and all of them gasped. They wished us well before leaving.

“Don’t worry nothing will happen to your father,” they said

“Yeah, thanks,”I replied.

As soon as they left, we hailed a cab to the hospital. Unfortunately, we were caught in a jam. By the time we reached the hospital, it was too late. I saw a white blanket cover my father. He was gone.

Mum and I rushed forward to him and cried bitterly on his shirt

“Dad, Dad, why it has to be you? I need a father. Why am I not like other kids? Why? Why? Why?” I shouted.

“Peter, why? Why did you have to leave us?” Mum cried.

The nurses and doctors consoled us but no amount of consolation could replace my one and only dad. I would never forget my tenth birthday. How could I , when it was the day I lost someone so dear to me. This tragic incident had carved an indelible print in my mind, never to fade, never ever to be forgotten.