Author Name: Yoo Yi Jie
Age: 10
School: Greenridge Primary School


“Now children, it is story time! Gather around quickly and I will start the story,” said Miss Lim to her young pupils. “Now, Edward, would you stop talking?” Turning back to face the students, she added,  “Em… okay, let’s start,” and soon, she began the story…

Fluffy magnolia clouds scudded across the azure sky. The sun hung like a huge red balloon in the sky. The birds chirped merrily on the trees and the wind blew gently. As it was such a pleasant day, two brothers, Jerry and James, decided to go fishing. They packed some drinks, bread and sandwiches, their fishing rod and finally the bait for their fish. Soon, they settled off.

Upon reaching the jetty, Jerry rented a boat. Then, they went out to sea. Having hooked a bait to the fishing line, they cast it into the sea and waited for the fish to bite the bait.

While waiting, all of a sudden, James saw the boat spring a lead. James’ eyes gleamed with horror, mouth agape. He cupped his hand over his mouth. What he saw was enough to curl this hair and blow his mind away.

James recovered from his stupor only when Jerry screamed for help. Soon, the water gushing into the boat threw the brothers into the sea.

‘Brother, hold on to my hand!’ shouted Jerry.

‘Ahh…bro! I’m sinking!’ James cried.

They prayed hard that help would arrive soon. Sure enough, help came. A rope fell from the sky and onto them and they caught hold of it. When they looked up, they could not believe their eyes! It was an UFO!  Once they were into the ship, to the boys’ surprise, the aliens spoke in English and welcomed them warmly. The aliens even offered then ‘Ribena’. Then, the aliens served them with hamburgers and played hide and seek with them until evening.

‘Opps! Mum would scold us if we were to go home later than eight!’ Jerry exclaimed.

When the aliens heard that, they offered the brothers a ride home. It was truly a memorable time for Jerry and James.

‘Well class, do you like the story?’ Miss Lim asked.

‘Yes!’ the children chorused.

“But, Miss Lim, are aliens real?” asked Ben furrowing his eyebrows.

Miss Lim smiled and replied,”I’ll tell you tomorrow if you promise to behave.” and turning to all of her students, she continued, “Okay, dismissal time! Bye, children.’

‘Bye, Miss Lim!’