Author Name: Darren Lim
Age: 12

When I first saw you, it made it clear to me that you are a very good dancer. All your actions were as graceful as a swan. The reports my scouts gave me was exactly what I saw on the day itself – what a true dancer should always display.

“Next, we have Jamie Tan from CHIJ Kellock ,” said the host .

It was the preliminary round for the Singapore school of Arts Academy admission. I was in London watching the Live telecast from my scouts, pulling strings from the best junior dancers of Singapore. Only you and another girl named Shannon attracted my attention. On the round of thirty-six, Shannon did what all ballet dancers should not do – she argued with her partner. She was indeed a true disgrace to ballet dancing thus; I lost my interest in her and focused all my attention on you.

Indeed, you impressed me time and time again. In Round Sixteen, you were given a tune to dance to and you performed well. The way you danced was the exact combination that only a handful of dancers possessed. At the quarter final, you faced a tougher situation – all the audiences seemed to despise you. Instead of giving up, you focused on your dancing and made their frown turn into smiles. You were told later that the audiences were acting that way to pressurize you and yet you were not affected by their insults but excelled. At the semi-finals, you were dancing with a SOTA senior. You adapted to his fast rhythm quickly and made the dance impeccable.

July 14, I arrived at Singapore to view the finals of the competition. I went to the Esplanade to view the finals of the competition. Most of the people who saw me greeted me with an amiable smile. Professor Martin of the France Ballet Academy, Doctor Edward of the Spanish dancing school and Professor Adeline of the Austria arts academy were there. We all had our wanted dancer and you are my wanted one.

“Jamie Tan of CHIJ Kellock will be dancing first!” the host announced.

You swaggered onto the stage, bowed to the audience and began. You started dancing gracefully – your steps were so elegant. Thud, you fell down and hit hard on your toes. You seemed like you were badly injured. I was downcast when I saw what happened to you. All your effort was about to be lost in this major finals.

“Epouvantable!” Professor Martin bellowed.

He stomped out of the theatre furiously. It appeared that he also wanted you. Just then, you stood up and resumed dancing. I stood up and gave you a standing ovation just like what many other audiences did.

Soon, the competition ended. The names of the winners were announced but not yours. You must have been downtrodden. I must seize this opportunity to get you into my academy in London.

“Jamie , I am Professor George of the London Dancing Academy .You are a great talent and I want you in my academy , so , is it a yes or a no ?” I asked in front of your parents as well, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a yes.

Your eyes and mouth flew agape as you gawked at me. You seemed so lost. You must have been wondering why I would want you when you did not even win the performance. Nevertheless, you turned to your parents who were equally appalled over my request. “So, dad, mum can I , can I ?”

Your parents nodded their head in approval, with smiles over their faces.

On December 19, you arrived in London and the rest was history.

Time flew and in a blink of an eye, it was time for your graduation ceremony in the Academy.. Tears swam freely in your eyes on the day you departed from London as a professional dancer, I was just as woebegone as you on our departure but I knew that you are now a professional in ballet and I am contented.

This incident of nurturing a talent in ballet like you has carved an indelible imprint in my mind, never to forget , never ever to be forgotten .