Author Name: Teoh Li Ying
Age: 10
School: Zheng Hua Primary School


I felt guilty whenever I walk past my best friend, Joyce. I will never forget the day when I ignored her advice. Since then, I never dare to ignore anybody’s advice ever again…

“Can you stop jumping so quickly, it hurts my butt!” I shouted to Joyce.

“I don’t care, anyway, it is fun,” Joyce rebuked.

Joyce, my friends and I were at Kiddy Playground. After playing on the see-saw, I became impatient. I sprinted towards the swing with Joyce running behind me.

“Hey, don’t sit on that swing! The chain is faulty. You will injure yourself if you sit on it,” Joyce advised me.

“Don’t be a busybody, anyway, it is none of your business,” I barked at Joyce.

Joyce gave me an angry look and stormed away to join her friends. I quickly sat on the swing. My hair swayed to and fro to the wind . I was having a whale of time when suddenly a loud ‘CLICK’ could be heard and in a jiffy, the chain on my left snapped. Within seconds, I fell hard on the ground.

“Help! Somebody help! OUCH!” I cried my lungs out.

Despite my desperate cry for help, none of my friends came to help me though they had heard my scream of agony. They continued with their merry play. I was down in the mouth and had to limp home that day. I had truly learnt a painful lesson and would not ignore anybody’s good advice again!