Author Name: Rachel Quek
Age: 12
School: Kranji Primary School



Sally took in a gargantuan breath. Her heart itched in anticipation as she trotted away from the canteen, smiling like a Cheshire cat lapping on a bowl of milk. Her noodles smelled heavenly. She just could not wait to wolf them down. She spotted her recess buddies and spread her grin so wide that she could eat a banana sideways!

Just then, something caught her eyes. Her grin vanished. It was the school belle, Merri. Being alluring and bewitching, she had a lot of admirers from all levels. Not only practically all the guys in school were trying to woo her, the girls too were magnetize to her.

Sally did not like her. In fact, she detested her, thinking Merri was a very narcissistic and snobbish person who adored all the attention bestowed on her.

Ignoring her, Sally continued her path towards her friends while glaring at Merri with jealousy in her eyes. Her lips pursed. A frown appeared at her forehead. She just could not stand her…

“Haha! Wait for me, Dick! John!”

Wham! Sally’s bowl of noodles went flying, spilling soup all over the canteen floor. Sally’s jaws dropped as the rowdy boy whizzed past her, shooing her away like a fly with a hard knock by his elbow. Then the pain came.

“Gosh! Ow…ow … “Sally sat stunned on the oily floor, rubbing her arm in agony.

Two streams of tears cascaded down her cheeks, dripping down to her pinafore. She looked up, her face red with fury. No one had come to her aid, not even her recess buddies who had seen the whole incident unfold before them.  Her vision blurred with tears once again. ‘How could these friends of mine be so heartless? ‘ she cried within her. About that boy who had pushed her, she tried to figure out who he was when a voice interrupted her thought.

“I know who he is!” a velvety voice sounded out of nowhere, “b…but, are you alright?” Sally felt two soft hands hold her up to her feet.

“It must be one of my buddies,” Sally thought to herself. With a huge smile on her face, she whipped her head around to thank her saviour, only to have her jaws drop again.

It was Merri!

“I..I…you…I…I…eh.. oh,” Sally stammered, face flushed red with embarrassment but soon, a winsome smile erupted on her cherubic cheeks. She had mistaken n Merri’s character!

“Thank you! I…don’t know what to say! Thank you so much!” Sally’s voice was choked with gratitude. “ I’m f.. fine, just a scrape, though it does hurt a lot..”

Merri smiled. She handed her a yellowish Tweety Bird plaster and pasted it over a scalded wound. “I’m glad you’re okay. The boy who hit you is Dennis – he is in my Math class. Are you sure you’re alright?”

She cupped Sally’s arm in her hands. Care and concern shone through her pair of brown sparkling eyes and her dainty and charismatic smile. It was only then that it dawned onto Sally why so many boys were crazy over her. For a moment of lost in space, Sally ‘fell in love’ with her and would certainly pursue her if she were a guy too!

“I’m much better, t…thank you,” Sally smiled, stroking the cute little yellow plaster on her arm as Merri looked on.

Suddenly, Merri’s face grew stern. “Let’s report those rascals who had hit you to the disciplinary master. I know all their names!”

“Yeah! Dick, John a…and one more, hmmm what’s his name, emm… Dennis! Dennis! Am I right?”

“Yep! Those scoundrels!”

Sally giggled, “ N…nincompoops too!”

They doubled up in laughter. At that moment, all of Sally’s thoughts about Merri were banished forever. “How could I have ever misjudged such an amiable girl like her?” Sally whispered to herself, filled with guilt and barely audibly.

“Let’s go!” Merri tugged at her uninjured arm. Recollecting herself, Sally raced for the disciplinary master’s office with her new-found friend, knowing justice would prevail and the boys would soon be in hot soup.