Author Name: Celestar Hong
Age: 12
School: Greenridge Primary School


Are you the type of person who listens to advice or turn a deaf ear to them? Well, I used to be the latter but ever since I got into an unwanted accident, I had learnt my lesson. Well, this is my story…

“Don’t look at your phone when you cross the road! You have to pay more attention to your surroundings, ” the incessant nagging of my mother was like a bee buzzing around near my ear. Sighing, I replied in a slightly annoyed tone before exiting the flat, “I know, I know, Mum, please stop the nagging!”

It was the December Holidays. I was supposed to just rest and play at home, just like everyone else but no, I just had to run errands for my mother. She had instructed me to get her some stuff from the nearby supermarket. Dragging my feet, I took my phone instinctively and shambled unwillingly there.

On my journey there, I took out my phone to play and ease the boredom as well as the thought of having to run errands for my mother. Hooked onto a new offline app, I figured that it would be okay to just complete a level or two on my way to the supermarket. Surely, I recalled my mother’s words, but I paid no heed to it. That was a grave mistake. Having known the route to the supermarket too well, my legs could even bring me to the destination without having to use my sight.

As I was just about to cross the road which led to the supermarket, so absorbed in the game was I that I was totally oblivious to the surroundings and had forgotten to abide by the pedestrian rule of the kerb drill. It was only when a thunderous ‘honk’ sounded that I stopped being attracted to my mobile phone and became aware of my surroundings. As my eyes lay sight of an incoming car  just before crossing the road, I was almost rooted to the ground, paralysed by fear. Thanks to my gut instinct, I leaped back onto the pavement instantaneously as that car whizzed past me. Recovering from my initial shock, I realised how much danger I had been exposed to for not heeding my mother’s advice. The screeching from the braking of the car was also audible that even the deaf Beethoven could hear it. Soon, the driver emerged from the driver seat. His face was red with fury and without a doubt, he was definitely incandescent with rage. As he stormed towards me, I awaited for the scolding that would rain down in fear.

“Young lady, don’t you know the dangers of using your mobile phones when you cross the road? You ought to abide by the traffic rules! If neither you nor I was careless, your life will be in great danger! You should learn your lesson!” With arms akimbo, the driver looked askance at me and lashed a tirade on me.

Feeling remorseful and having learnt an important lesson of heeding advice, I apologised profusely to the man, with my head hung low in shame. Noticing my sincerity, he sighed and forgave me. He left soon but not after reminding me of his stern warning, to which I agreed almost immediately.

This incident has taught me an important lesson of heeding and following advice, and it had carved an indelible imprint in my mind. The lesson learnt as well as the unforgettable incident would never fade, never ever to be forgotten.