Author Name: Evan Ng
Age: 12
School: De La Salle School


Whenever I look at my plaque of achievement, I will always remember the day when Gabrielle and I did something heroic …

My sister, Gabrielle, and I were running some errands for Mum at supermarket when all of a sudden, we heard a thunderous roar. Arousing our Sherlock Holmes’ instinct, we decided to check it out.

We ran to the place where the sound came from and came face to face with a horrifying sight. A portly man was branding a cleaver and threatening the shoppers.

“Should I stop him? But he is armed! What should I do? Wait, since he is porky, he should also be clumsy and slow too! That is it, I must go and save the day! What’s more, Gabrielle and I are trained in taekwondo. We have ever taken on opponents tripled our sizes and defeated them like a piece of cake so we should not have any problem taking him down.’ With that thought, I looked at Gabrielle and knew that she also had come to the same conclusion as I.

“1…2…3!” I whispered to Gabrielle, as we launched ourselves at the infuriated man.

“Drop that cleaver and surrender or you’ll regret!” I hollered.

He turned to face me and could not hold onto his laughter. “Arghh! What is this? You are just a puny kid and you will to challenge me!” he mocked with his face contorted in rage.

“We shall see! Now, watch it!”.

As soon as I spoke, Gabrielle and I darted forward and we went for his legs. He lost his balance and fell heavily to the ground. There, blows after blows were landed on his face and slowly but surely , he was losing the fight and in no time, he threw in the towel.  Were we proud of ourselves? You bet! Those present cheered us on.

Soon, the police and paramedics arrived and took over the situation. One of the policemen  took my statement and told us we would be presented a plague of bravery soon. We were on cloud nine. Then , they fetched us home.

On the way home, Gabrielle whispered into my ears. “Bro, I want to be in the future. I want to be a policewoman – to fight crime and save the day.

I grinned at her and we exchanged a high five in the air. “Me too!”